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The University and Enterprise Journal publishes articles with notes and comments under the international criteria guaranteeing its academic quality in which bibliographical references, theoretical formalization, as well as empirical working methodologies related to managerial sciences, are considered to boost knowledge in different business and management fields such as strategic, entrepreneurship, complexity, leadership, IT management, health management, and innovation, formulating alternatives seeking to integrate academic knowledge with business reality. We would like to extend to you and invitation to participate in the University and Enterprise Journal by sending us your research articles or playing a role as peer-review. In the case of participating as an author, we intend to receive articles derived from managerial sciences research, thematic reviews or analytical reflections upon a recent work developed along some academic line or/and a research group. After the successful completion of the assessment process, and being approved by the Copy Editor Committee, works accepted will be published under the terms of publication of the University and Enterprise Journal. In those terms we would really appreciate your participation seeking to create a strong base of managerial sciences knowledge.


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This journal provides immediate open access to its content upon the principle that making research production freely available to the public supports a grater global exchange of knowledge.

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Publisher Editorial Universidad del Rosario
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ISSN 0124-4639
eISSN 2145-4558
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Publication Frequency 2 issues/year
Publication Languages
  • Spanish
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  • Portuguese
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