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Traffic Injury Prevention

Aims and scope

Traffic Injury Prevention is an archival and indexed journal covering traffic safety, crash prevention and injury control. Papers include research on alcohol and drug impairment, behavior of traffic participants, injury mechanisms, impact biomechanics, injury prevention and epidemiology. Published articles have been subjected to anonymous and independent peer review. They can include all phases of experimental, computational, statistical, emergency, clinical and epidemiological research.


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Color charges

Color art will be reproduced in color in the online publication at no additional cost to the author. Color illustrations will also be considered for print publication; however, the author will be required to bear the full cost ($900 for the first page of color; $450 per page for the next three pages of color).

Open Access Policy

Open access available No

The publisher will deposit to PubMed Central (PMC) author manuscripts reporting NIH funded research on specific request by the author. In addition, this journal participates in iOpenAccess, which allows authors to make accepted articles freely available to the public online (typical fee: US$3250).

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General information

Publisher Taylor & Francis
  • The official journal of the AAAM, the ICADTS, the IRCOBI and the ITMA.
ISSN 1538-9588
eISSN 1538-957X
SNIP 0.984
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Publication Languages
  • English
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