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The Environmentalist

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Energy and alternative energy supplies; non renewable resources; climate change; human population growth; food production, distribution and security; toxic wastes; air pollution; loss of agricultural land; source water and potable water; public health infrastructure; environmental borne pathogens; urban ecology and planning; environmental technologies; transportation; the environment and the economy are key concerns shared by industry, governmental leaders and environmental professionals. This journal acts as a catalyst for environmental education, identifying available educational opportunities, and providing necessary guidelines and the missing framework for defining the more viable management mechanisms useful to industry, governmental policy-makers and environmental professionals.The Environmentalist publishes the critical but constructive views of both industrialists and ecologists, through challenging guest editorials, in-depth articles, interviews and news and comments columns. The Environmentalist contains elements applicable to the education and training of mankind at one level or the other, be it formal or non-formal schooling, specialist training, retraining of decision makers or communication to the public at large.


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