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The Czech Economic Review

Aims and scope

The Czech Economic Review [ISSN 1802-4696 (Print), ISSN 1805-9406 (Online)] aims to publish theoretical and empirical research papers in economics. The journal's main emphasis is on mathematical and quantitative methods applied in a variety of fields, predominantly microeconomics, public economics, and industrial organization. The geographical reference in the journal's name merely signifies that it is an initiative of Czech scholars.


Responsiveness Slow
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 15 weeks
Time to immediate reject 1 week
Publication speed Very slow
Time from acceptance to print 14 weeks
Total time to publication 45 weeks
Time from submission to acceptance 37 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 8 weeks


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General information

Publisher Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • none
ISSN 1802-4696
eISSN 1805-9406
SNIP 0.340
Acceptance rate 30%
Publication Frequency 3 issues/year
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