Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Sociales
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Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Sociales

Aims and scope

The Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Sociales is a scientific journal that publishes high quality articles, product of interdisciplinary researches in social sciences, interested in studies that address contemporary problems with a sense of social benefit. In this way, it hopes to contribute to the development of social sciences through the national and international discussion on current epistemological, disciplinary, and professional challenges. Target audience The Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Sociales is for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences audience, on purposing to contribute to scientific knowledge about the complex contemporary social issues.


Responsiveness Slow
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 16 weeks
Time to immediate reject 4 weeks
Publication speed Very slow
Time from acceptance to print 10 weeks
Total time to publication 36 weeks
Time from submission to acceptance 18 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 10 weeks


Submission fees $0

No charges

Publication or page charges $0

No charges

Color charges

No charges

Open Access Policy

Open access available Yes

Copies of the articles ruled according to what is established in Creative Commons 4.0

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General information

Publisher Fundacion Universitaria Luis Amigo
  • None
Imprint no
ISSN 2216-1201
Acceptance rate 23%
Publication Frequency 2 issues/year
Publication Languages
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese
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