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philoSOPHIA is the first philosophical journal that marries the rich traditions and conceptual resources of continental philosophy and feminist theory. While the field of feminist philosophy generally has committed itself to resuscitating and transforming the traditional imagery and representation of women (and maternity and femininity), the field of continental feminism more specifically has provided the resources for reconceptualizing the historical legacy of European philosophy and the figures of the feminine and sexual difference that have been cultivated therein. The journal aims to explore and excavate this feminine figure throughout the history of philosophy, and to include articles that consider the relation of the feminine to nature, the body, language, and subjectivity, perhaps most especially work that considers the ways in which the figure of the feminine maintains but also quite possibly undermines the schisms between and among these central elements of human reality. The critical endeavors of this journal contribute to a feminist renewal and a renewal of philosophical culture, a potential rebirth of feminist theory in a philosophical ethos that will enhance rather than exclude it. philoSOPHIA will be of interest to scholars from diverse disciplines who are interested in continental philosophy and/or feminist theory generally, all those who are pursuing questions concerning sexual difference, and others working in the fields of womens studies, literature, political theory, race theory, queer theory, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, philosophy of nature, and phenomenology.


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