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Molecular Psychiatry

Aims and scope

Molecular Psychiatry publishes work aimed at elucidating biological mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and their treatment. The emphasis is on studies at the interface of pre-clinical and clinical research, including studies at the cellular, molecular, integrative, clinical, imaging and psychopharmacology levels.


Responsiveness Average
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 6 weeks
Time to immediate reject Not Provided
Publication speed Fast
Time from acceptance to print Not Provided
Total time to publication Not Provided
Time from submission to acceptance 4 weeks
Time from acceptance to online Not Provided


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None listed

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None listed

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The charges for color depend on the number of pages (fees start at $$1,078 for 1 figure). Please see the journal website for more information.

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Open access available Yes

None listed

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General information

Publisher Nature Publishing Group
  • Not provided
Imprint Stockton Press
ISSN 1359-4184
eISSN 1476-5578
SNIP 2.449
Acceptance rate Not provided
Publication Frequency Not provided
Publication Languages
  • English
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