MERC Global's International Journal of Management
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MERC Global's International Journal of Management

Aims and scope

MERC Global’s International Journal of Management (MERC Global’s IJM) is an international peer-reviewed quarterly journal of managerial science, being brought out with a view to facilitating effective dissemination of the latest thinking and research with respect to various management issues and problem solving methodology relevant for practicing executives as well as for academicians and researchers working in the field of management around the globe. MERC Global’s IJM publishes articles, research papers, abstracts of doctoral dissertations, book reviews, case studies, short communications and bibliography that are interdisciplinary in nature as well as those within the major disciplines, including: marketing, OB/HR, entrepreneurship, production, operations, accounting, finance, business economics, international business, information technology management, social sector management, public sector management, healthcare management, management strategy, research methods, and so forth.


Responsiveness Very fast
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 4 weeks
Time to immediate reject 1 week
Publication speed Fast
Time from acceptance to print 6 weeks
Total time to publication 8 weeks
Time from submission to acceptance 4 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 2 weeks


Submission fees $0


Publication or page charges $0

Only for printed copies

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Open access available No

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General information

Publisher MERC Global
  • MERC Global
Imprint MERC Global
ISSN 2321-7278
eISSN 2321-7286
Acceptance rate 20%
Publication Frequency 4 issues/year
Publication Languages
  • English

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