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Locale : The Australian-Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies

Aims and scope

Locale: the Australasian-Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies is a free-access biannual online journal. It combines peer-reviewed academic articles with industry reports, debates and photo essays. The journal welcomes contributions from the breadth of food and drinks related research. This includes (but is not limited to): Supply chain economics and practice (e.g. ‘from paddock to plate’); Food related tourism (e.g. ‘culinary tourism’); Foodways research; Branding, advertising & marketing of food or drink; Cultural studies, anthropology & sociology of food or drink; Business and/or industry perspectives & insights; The micro-politics of food or drink processes; Folkloric studies of food or drink; Histories of food or drink. Locale’s emphasis is on Australasia and the Pacific (i.e. Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the Pacific region), and on issues or processes at the local or regional level. Articles that deal with an intersection between the local or regional and the national or global are welcome. Prospective contributors are welcome to discuss ideas for articles with the Editor prior to submission (Susie Khamis, [email protected]). Contributions are sought from researchers, industry practitioners, and policy makers interested in the study and understanding of local and regional food and drink.


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Publisher Southern Cross University's School of Tourism & Hospitality Management
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