Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine
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Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine

Aims and scope

JRTM acts a common platform for Scholars and Young aspirant scientists who work in the field of Traditional Medicine to disseminate and utilize the knowledge of recorded and researched concepts pertaining to the fundamentals of human well being. The aim of the journal is to comprehend the rich knowledge of traditional medicine in an appropriate scientific manner by publishing evidence based research papers. The journal also aims at stimulating the aptitude of research in the minds of young health researchers and provide an insight of newer information for traditional medicine practitioners.


Responsiveness Very fast
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 2 weeks
Time to immediate reject 2 weeks
Publication speed Fast
Time from acceptance to print Not Provided
Total time to publication 6 weeks
Time from submission to acceptance 4 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 6 weeks


Submission fees $0

The journal does not charge any article submission or publication fee.

Publication or page charges $75

However a minimum amount (1000/- Rs for Indian Authors & 75 $ for International Authors) towards reviewing and processing of the article is charged

Color charges


Open Access Policy

Open access available Yes

JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN TRADITIONAL MEDICINE by DR. SRIHARI SHESHAGIRI - EDITOR-IN CHIEF is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC-SA

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General information

  • Indian Science
  • Research BIB
  • OAJI
  • DAIJ
eISSN 2455-3166
Acceptance rate Not provided
Publication Frequency 6 issues/year
Publication Languages
  • English

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