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International Journal of Cyber Criminology

Aims and scope

What is Cyber Criminology? Who is the Founder? Who coined the term? Cyber Criminology is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses researchers from various fields such as Criminology, Victimology, Sociology, Internet Science, and Computer Science. Jaishankar (2007) is the founder of the academic discipline Cyber Criminology and he coined and defined Cyber Criminology as “the study of causation of crimes that occur in the cyberspace and its impact in the physical space”. Jaishankar (2007) academically coined the term Cyber Criminology for two reasons. First, the body of knowledge that deals with cyber crimes should not be confused with investigation and be merged with cyber forensics; second, there should be an independent discipline to study and explore cyber crimes from a social science perspective. Since the launch of the International Journal of Cyber Criminology, the term Cyber Criminology has taken its academic roots in the online as well as offline academic circles Aim and Scope International Journal of Cyber Criminology (IJCC) is a peer reviewed online (open access) interdisciplinary journal published biannually and devoted to the study of cyber crime, cyber criminal behavior, cyber victims, cyber laws and cyber investigations. IJCC will focus on all aspects of cyber/computer crime: Forms of Cyber Crime, Impact of Cyber crimes in the real world, Policing Cyber space, Cyber-terrorism, International Perspectives of Cyber Crime, developing cyber safety policy, intrusion investigations, information security, Cyber Victims, Cyber Psychopathology, Geographical aspects of Cyber crime, Cyber offender behavior, cyber crime law, Cyber Pornography, Physical Computer Security, Privacy & Anonymity on the Net, Internet Fraud and Identity Theft, Mobile Phone Safety, Online Gambling, Copyright and Intellectual property Law, and Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. As the discipline of Cyber Criminology approaches the future, facing the dire need to document the literature in this rapidly changing area has become more important than ever before. The IJCC will be a nodal centre to develop and disseminate the knowledge of cyber crimes to the academic and lay world. The journal publishes theoretical, methodological, and applied papers, as well as book reviews.


Responsiveness Average
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 12 weeks
Time to immediate reject 1 week
Publication speed Average
Time from acceptance to print 4 weeks
Total time to publication 4 weeks
Time from submission to acceptance 16 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 1 week


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General information

Publisher Dr. K. Jaishankar
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ISSN 0974-2891
SNIP 0.843
Acceptance rate 40%
Publication Frequency 2 issues/year
Publication Languages
  • English
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