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Aims and scope

To facilitate dissemination of research to a worldwide audience and provide a global outlook on medicine, IAM encourages submissions from all regions either developed countries with advanced health systems or developing countries with particular health challenges. The journal aims to become a valuable reference for the publication of high quality, original research, review articles and case reports, for both medical education and medical research. As the communities that border this interface are large and diverse, the scope of IAM will cover the entire breadth of translational and clinical research within all disciples of life and health sciences, ranging from basic science to clinical and public/global health science. The journal will also place a high priority on rapid publication. The journal seeks to publish a broad range of research study types, from experimental findings, critical analyses, methodological & technical innovations, and hypotheses to observational epidemiological studies, clinical trials, meta-analyses, and study protocols. In addition, IAM publishes commentaries, reviews, and viewpoints that enhance the accessibility and applicability of basic research findings for health professionals, and promote a better understanding of clinical challenges for biomedical researchers.


Responsiveness Very fast
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 4 weeks
Time to immediate reject 1 week
Publication speed Fast
Time from acceptance to print Not Provided
Total time to publication 6 weeks
Time from submission to acceptance 5 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 1 week


Submission fees $0

None listed

Publication or page charges $600

Members from developing countries enjoy a discount of 50% off. Recurring authors and reviewers enjoy a discount of 20% off

Color charges

None listed

Open Access Policy

Open access available Yes

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Not yet verified

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General information

  • Not provided
ISSN 1755-7682
eISSN 1755-7682
SNIP 1.018
Acceptance rate 65%
Publication Frequency 1 issues/year
Publication Languages
  • English
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