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Geo-Marine Letters

Aims and scope

Geo-Marine Letters is an international peer-reviewed journal focussing on the rapid publication of concise original studies and reviews dealing with processes, products and techniques in marine geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. Coverage spans - structural geology, including plate tectonics of recent active and passive margins - sea-bed morphology, physiography and morphodynamics - sediment transport, depositional processes and sedimentary facies analysis - stratigraphy, basin analysis and paleoenvironmental reconstruction - sea-level history, paleoproductivity, gas hydrates, salt domes and brines - sediment-water interaction and organism-sediment relationships - geochemical tracers, stable isotopes and authigenic mineral formation - geotechnical properties and application of new geo-marine techniques, and more. In addition to regular articles and review articles, Geo-Marine Letters welcomes contributions by guest editors in the form of conference/workshop proceedings, or bundles of papers dealing with specific themes.  


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Journal complies with funding agency agreements. In addition, authors have the option to make their article available to non-subscribers immediately upon publication via Springer Open Choice (Typical cost: US $3,000).

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