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Diabetes Management

Aims and scope

Diabetes Management presents findings, analysis and commentary on the battle with Type I and Type II diabetes.


Responsiveness Very fast
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 1 week
Time to immediate reject Not Provided
Publication speed Fast
Time from acceptance to print 6 weeks
Total time to publication Not Provided
Time from submission to acceptance 3 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 3 weeks


Submission fees $


Publication or page charges $

None listed

Color charges

Online colour is free. The fee for colour in print is £150 per printed journal page and £80 for any subsequent pages

Open Access Policy

Open access available Yes

Authors who wish to publish in any Future Medicine title can opt for our Open Access Option, allowing unrestricted access to the online version of their article. The Open Access Option is available for all article types except Drug Evaluation & Device Evaluation articles. Authors of accepted peer-reviewed articles may choose to pay a fee in order for their published article to be made accessible on an open access basis at and flagged as such on the website. The Open Access Option policy means that users have unrestricted rights to reuse open access content for educational and research purposes but not for commercial use. The Open Access Option fee is £1,700 (plus VAT, where applicable)

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General information

Publisher Future Science Group
  • Not provided
Imprint Future Medicine
ISSN 1758-1907
eISSN 1758-1915
Acceptance rate 80%
Publication Frequency Not provided
Publication Languages
  • Not provided

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