Corporate Board: role, duties and composition
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Corporate Board: role, duties and composition

Aims and scope

The members of the editorial board of the international scientific journal “Corporate board: role, duties & composition" invite authors and experts in the field of corporate boards’ practices to cooperate. The major objective of the publication is the improvement of existing board practices and development of new ones and further dissemination of research results by enabling renowned and young researchers and practitioners to present their findings and share their experience. We are going to be a bridge between theory and practice of corporate boards.


Responsiveness Very fast
Time from submission to first decision after peer review 5 weeks
Time to immediate reject 1 week
Publication speed Slow
Time from acceptance to print 8 weeks
Total time to publication 12 weeks
Time from submission to acceptance 6 weeks
Time from acceptance to online 6 weeks


Submission fees $0

There are no submission fees.

Publication or page charges $415

This is a standard publication fee per paper.

Color charges

None listed

Open Access Policy

Open access available No

Authors of some papers may ask the Editor to publish paper in the OA, but in general the journal is not Open Access.

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General information

Publisher Virtus Interpress
  • Not provided
ISSN 1810-8601
eISSN 2312-2722
Acceptance rate Not provided
Publication Frequency 3 issues/year
Publication Languages
  • English
International Bibliography of Social Sciences

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