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American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine

Aims and scope

Subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields: 1) Biomedical Engineering; 2) Clinical Cancer Research; 3) Clinical Pharmacology; 4) Cardiovascular Research; 5) Dentistry; 6) Dermatology; 7) Diseases of Bones and Joints; 8)  Dietetics; 9) Epidemiology; 10) Endocrinology; 11) Environmental Toxicology; 12)  Ethology; 13) Gynaecology; 14)  Infectious Diseases; 15) Immunopathology; 16)  Internal Medicine; 17) Medical Statistics; 18) Neurophysiology and Brain Research; 19) Neurology; 20) Nutritional Research; 21) Occupational Medicine; 22) Ophthalmology; 23) Otorhinolaryngology; 24) Pharmacology; 25) Paediatrics; 26) Respiratory Diseases; 27) Psychiatry; 28) Physiology; 29) Surgery


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Publisher Science and Education Publishing
Imprint Science and Educational Publishing
ISSN 2327-6681
eISSN 2327-6657
Acceptance rate Unknown
Publication Frequency 8 issues/year
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